A pair of organic purple amethyst stone plugs for stretched ears;

Purple Amethyst Stone Premium Plugs

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Premium organic Purple Amethyst stone plugs. Amethyst is a semiprecious form of quartz used by ancient Egyptians in antiquity. The ancient Greeks wore Amethyst in the belief that it would ward off drunkenness. 

Quantity: Sold in pairs

Materials: Organic Purple Amethyst

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

**Colores and textures may vary due to the nature of organic materials. Amethyst stone can vary greatly from pair to pair, ranging from light purple to dark purple with varying degrees of texture. We do our best to match similar pairs.**

Customer Reviews

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Robynn Van Klaveren

I absolutely love these plugs but unfortunately my daughter ripped them out of my ear and shattered it on our tile 😩 I will need to get a new pair soon

Lee Anne
Great bargain

Lovely purple amethyst rich in color. Beautiful! And a free pair too. What could be better. I would buy again.

Mikahla Aragon

Not as pretty as the pictures online but still nice

Christine coey

Purple Amethyst Stone Premium Plugs

Jewel Logan

The fit is great and they're so pretty. Plus I got a free surprise pair! Absolutely love the woodcrafted ones, but I would have liked to get some kind of description for my mystery pair? What kind of stone they are or something like that