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My free plugs did not come.

Hey Casey

The free random plugs are included in all orders of at least $30, because your order was below this amount it was not eligible for the promotion.

Great Plugs

These plugs look great, the facets really add to it compared to flat fronted ones. These plugs will definitely be in my regular rotation!


Very beautiful!! I love them

So happy I found this site.

So it was around twenty years ago (or so) that I first started stretching my ears, but then around 2010/11 I hit a lull, partly because it was getting so hard to find quality plugs that I liked in my size. So I stopped looking, let alone gauging up. Then a couple years ago I stumbled across ThePlugCrate, and I fell in love with their designs, and the fact that they don't make their jewelry with stuff that I'm allergic to was suuuuper nice lol. I had (literally) just gotten paid, so I said "eff it" and signed up for the Mystery Mailer Subscription. And about cried when the first ones showed up haha. I got to pick what style I wanted, what material I wanted, and they showed up in perfect condition; the packaging was on point. I did the three month plan for $50, and when I went back on the site to look at other stuff, I realized that the pairs I had been receiving cost like $30+ a pop if bought individually. Like... What? This is like *that* good of a deal? These kind of companies still exist??

And ever since then, I've been a diehard. I have yet to dislike anything they've sent, everything is always super comfortable, I get sooooo many compliments on them, and I tell everybody where I got them. "It's like Loot Crate, but for plugs... and not horrible lol" Literally my only problem with any of this is getting a new pair before I want to take the previous month's; but I always do because I can't help it.

Wave Jasper Stone Premium Plugs
Matthias Silvereagle

Wave Jasper Stone Premium Plugs

Big fan

I been a customer for over a year now and I’m never let down!


They are beautiful. Love them. Would recommend buying them

Amazing love the color

The Plug Crate Subscription

Gem Lined Rainbow Steel Tunnels


A gift for the hubby, who LOVED them!!Fantastic buy! Perfect fit. Quick shipping

Very pretty

Love them. Light weight.

Awesome quality

The plugs that I bought are super awesome and they are better in person than online!!!


I’m someone who got to my goal size and would always just buy cheap jewelry off of Amazon because let’s face it, actual good jewelry is expensive. I was so happy after getting my first box; the quality of the jewelry is amazing, and you really do get the most bang for your buck. Highly recommend!

Black Silicone Plugs
darnell lyttle

I received them weeks ago they fit perfectly looks great and they feel awesome in my ear

I love a good surprise!

I was so excited about my random stone plugs, they are great!

28 mm

Awesome plugs. Nice variety of stone and colors

Absolutely stunning.

Each month for I believe over a year now, I've received 2 sets of plugs. Every time I open one, I'm obsessed and they're always good quality. Fun surprise to yourself too 😌

Hell yeah

They fit great and love them

Pleasantly surprised

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I ordered the crate but was happy to find that I received 3 sets of quality plugs even though I don't usually wear red I got a beautiful pair of red turquoise with white jade and a wooden set with crushed turquoise inlay and loved it, the quality is astonishing and I can't wait to use them

Love em

I got the wrong ones at first but they made it right and got me the right ones right away.

Get what you pay for

Fast Delivery

I was expecting something cool thinking it would drive me to re order from them for the deal again but they just sent plain silver tunnels that you would normally expect from free. Would have given 5 stars if they did. But hey, I love the plugs I ordered and definitely will order more individual pairs.

Favorite plugs EVER!

Absolutely love the look of these plugs. Got them in one of the monthly boxes and never took them out. Had to buy a new pair when I sized up.

Rose Quartz

They’re hella cute!