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Love the unique shapes!

Love them!

Perfectly pink and comfortable!

Black silicone ear skins

Product is exactly as shown, I'm extremely happy with the service I received and the shipping speed was very prompt. Overall 10 out of 10!😁👍🏽


Husband loves them!

Liked the variety

Loved the tear drops. Would love to get some other shaped plugs.

Love them

White Silicone Tunnels
Carl Smithers

I like them. They are as shown. Good stuff

The Plug Crate Subscription

similar to products already sent

I love these plugs from the look the color. Only issue I noticed was a small piece missing and it looks like it’s cracked on each side of the plug. Other than that they’re great and would have go a 5 easily

I'm pleased with both the colors and the match of the plugs!

Icicle Quartz Plugs
Derek Duncan
Ordering from here from now on.

I'm 29 and I've had my ears stretched since I was 15. Since high school finding good plugs has been expensive and annoying. Mainly because they all have some imperfection. I got the subscription box and a couple extra pairs. These plugs are amazing. No blemishes and I'm impressed. I used to order through painful pleasures but quality also matters and comparing the two all I've got to say is thank you. Here in town I would've been able to buy one pair compared to 7 pairs. Had to wait until almost 30 but it's nice to have good plugs.

Love these plugs

Clear Acrylic Plugs
Chelsey Page
Clear acrylic plugs

Not bad there beautiful and fit nice

The Plug Crate Subscription

The wood broke my ears out really bad.

Awesome Plugs

The plugs rocked! The free random stone was beautifully made. Fit perfect and my wife loved them all and I got compliments daily.

Beautiful but light

I assumed, with the coil inlay, they would be a bit weightier but they do look very nice

Excellent product!!


I absolutely love my plug crate subscription. My wife makes fun of me because of how anticipatory I get when I know the package is coming in the mail. I don't know what it is. It must be because I have no idea what it is, and it's also random, it's like Christmas waiting to see what they send me. They have been very helpful. And have accommodated special requests for my order. If there was anything negative at all, and I wouldn't even say that it was negative, is I would like less Stone plugs. And if I had a smaller size I would probably love them. That's why I say it's not even a negative. Because they are beautiful plugs. It's just when I have such a large size, the stone plugs get real heavy and floppy. But all in all it is so worth it and I appreciate them so much. 10 out of 10 would recommend

Plug Crate Subscription

Honestly, I was a bit hesitant about starting this subscription. I've had mystery plugs from other websites and they were definitely the ones that don't sell very well. Did not like them. I just received my first crate with two 00 masculine plugs and I absolutely loved them! I received one glass pair (probably my favorite pair I own at the moment) and one stone pair. Both were my style as well as great quality. Highly recommend.

Shipping prompt and good quality plugs

I love my new plugs! They're natural stone, and sometimes they're imperfections or don't look as described, but these are perfect! Good quality