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Beautiful tunnels

I've been wanting some opalite tunnels for a bit. Was stoked to see 1 1/4 inch opalites in my mystery box. I'm so stoked to see what comes this month.

They are great would look better if they were larger but I'm at 00 so will probably get em again if I upsize

Black Silicone Plugs

Black Obsidian Stone Tunnels

The Plug Crate Subscription


Fits and looks perfect

Icicle Quartz Stone Tunnels

Awesome set!!! A must have

Looks great feels comfortable,looks amazing
I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them
Definitely a great buy and a set to have!!!!

Awesome plugs

I got multiple sizes of gauges and they have worked out beautifully. I'm excited with each set they have been easy to put in a fit comfortably in my ears

Free Red Jade Stone With New Subscriptions
Pamela Harrell

Free Red Jade Stone With New Subscriptions

Looks great

The color is beautiful.

They actually have flashes!

Labradorite is one of my favorite stones and it’s hard to find plugs that have flashes in them. The ones I’ve found are the dullest labradorite you could think of. These are cut nicely and fit well, and they’re pretty even without the flashes. Definitely recommend!

The Plug Crate Subscription

Plug Subscription

I love the plugs I've received for the past few months. I look forward to seeing that package in the mail every month

Mystery Plugs

I enjoying opening my mystery plugs every month. It’s fun to see what I get and the product is great!

I was flabbergasted!

I was leary of doing this! I have ordered from many different jewelry sites over the years and have not been excited by the quality of plugs! However, I have to say I was flabbergasted by the quality of the plugs from PlugCrates! This was my first order and I will continue the subscription. I love not knowing what I'm getting! And 2 pair of quality plugs for $39.99.....take my money!!! Lol.

Red Jade Stone Plugs
Nicole Sanchez
Awesome Plugs!

I absolutely love my Red Jade Stone Plugs. Great quality! I've been looking for the perfect red plugs for awhile, I finally found them.

Great product

Hey there, the free pair I received I do love, however there is a crack going thru most of it so I'm hope they never fall on my tile floor. Other than that I'm happy with everything.

Great quality plugs

Really, love these gauges

Free Red Jade Stone With New Subscriptions
John doe boiii

Couldn't pass up a free pair if stone plugs between organic stone and wood plugs there my favorite and my first packagewas full of stone plugs 👍

Awsome pieces

The plugs are mild flash

Free plug

They were beautiful when I got them

Free Red Jade Stone With New Subscriptions
Caleb foss
Love them

I love how great the quality of stone it's made with is. They got amazing and they look great.


Alot of remarks are stating make bigger sizes and i agree! I'm a 1 3/4 and would buy 2 pair of these, just saying!