Moss Quartz Stone Plugs - Green Inclusions Resembling Forest Moss

Moss Quartz Stone Plugs

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Enter the wilderness with Moss Quartz Stone Plugs. Infused with natural green inclusions reminiscent of forest moss, these plugs harness the pure essence of the wild. Crafted for the bold, they resonate with the spirit of raw, untamed nature. 

Quantity: Sold by pair

Materials: Moss Quartz Stone

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

Color: Green/White. (Color and textures may vary with organic materials. We do our best to match similar pairs.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nathan Marrs

I love the moss agate plugs I received. They are beautiful and I felt my energy change when I put them in.

Love Them!

The Moss Agate plugs are easily my newest favorites! Their color goes well with practically everything.

Valerie Gustafson

Moss Agate Organic Stone Plugs

Fraser Lester-Mallinson

I always feel stone plugs are a stab in the dark purchase because of variability and the vendor’s ability or willingness to match a good pair. I’m happy to say that they are well matched and the stone is beautiful with lovely mossy detail.

Many thanks team!

Alicia Andrukaitis
Very pleased!

Ordered the moss agate plugs and they’re beautiful, lots of mossy action going on there. I was pleasantly surprised that my free pair were nice simple clear quartz. Wouldn’t have gotten them for myself but I’m in love with them.