Oceanic Glass Plugs

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Dive deep with the Oceanic Glass Plugs, a vivid display of undersea magic right in your ears. With hues of blue, green, and yellow swirling together, each plug captures the mesmerizing allure of ocean depths. Perfect for those who carry the spirit of the sea with them.

Quantity: Sold by pair

Materials: Glass

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

Customer Reviews

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Samathea McClain

Absolutely beautiful love them

Michael Dennis
Good products and customer service

My first order from this outlet. Shipping was a little longer than expected BUT that's really not an issue. I'm glad they're being safe and able to work during covid. So really I don't mind waiting a bit longer. The products are very nice. Good quality, exactly as close to exactly as the site shows. Some of the products may look a little different than pictured because of the natural materials they are made from some times visually they alter. But the quality of the plugs I got was great. Everything fits without having weight or balance issues, and is very comfortable.

When I received my order the were only 2 of the 3 pairs I ordered, plus the free pair they add (which is awesome btw they picked dark green single flair stone plugs for me, I love them). When I contacted them to confirm the 4th pair was still going to be shipped, they were aware of it and had a shipping date, and could give me the details. They replied to the email very quickly and were totally cool. Will definitely order again in the future.

Trevor Spetz

Great look and detailed Design only thing is they fall out easy

Taylor bailey



Overall just very disappointed with the coloring on the pair I received. In the photo above, I feel as though the colors blend nice and fluidly. The ones I received look like stripes of dark blue, sky blue, and amber; somewhat reminiscent of a country’s flag with the stripes. Being as there is no green and I’m not a fan of the yellow/amber color, these simply were not what I was looking for when shopping the above stock image.