Obsidian Stone Plugs in Unique Coffin Design

Obsidian Stone Coffin Plugs

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**These plugs should be worn for short periods of time only.**

Step into the shadows with our Obsidian Stone Coffin Plugs. Crafted to mimic the enigmatic shape of a coffin, these plugs exude the mysterious.

Quantity: Sold in pairs

Materials: Obsidian Stone

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Mann
A little bit of an adjustment

In the interest of keeping things 💯 - I was fresh off a restretch from something smaller than my max size of 1"(25mm)
I had to wait until I was absolutely fully healed to even attempt these plugs.

They're great now that I'm able to get em in, but they do feel tight because they're tall.
But they don't stick out and are nice and skinny instead of being huge and bulky.
I worry that I'll drop one and it'll crack like other obsidian jewelry but that's just user error I guess.

Would I repurchase - yes.
Would I recommend - 65%