Mystery Mailer Subscription

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**All Subscriptions are auto-renewing until canceled. Renewals occur at regular price if purchased during a sale. Subscriptions ship the week of the 18th of every month. Orders must be placed by the 15th in order to qualify for that month's subscription. Unisex plugs are included in every subscription regardless of style option selected. Pre-Pay subscriptions cannot be purchased using Gift Cards. Please contact support to purchase a one month subscription using a Gift Card**

The little brother to the original Plug Crate. No frills, no hassle - receive 1 random pair of high-quality plugs or tunnels in a mystery mailer envelope every month. We only send you wood, stone, 316L Steel, or glass. Never silicone, and never acrylic. A great budget option for any plugger.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Stacey

I love this subscription! I love the plugs I got in last months box.

Veronica Thomas
Pretty cool

I like it. I’m trying different colors and styles that I normally wouldn’t try.

Joshua Early
Great so far.

I was very pleased with the quality of the plugs I received. They fit perfectly and looked excellent. I was so impressed, I upgraded my account.
Well done!

So happy I found this site.

So it was around twenty years ago (or so) that I first started stretching my ears, but then around 2010/11 I hit a lull, partly because it was getting so hard to find quality plugs that I liked in my size. So I stopped looking, let alone gauging up. Then a couple years ago I stumbled across ThePlugCrate, and I fell in love with their designs, and the fact that they don't make their jewelry with stuff that I'm allergic to was suuuuper nice lol. I had (literally) just gotten paid, so I said "eff it" and signed up for the Mystery Mailer Subscription. And about cried when the first ones showed up haha. I got to pick what style I wanted, what material I wanted, and they showed up in perfect condition; the packaging was on point. I did the three month plan for $50, and when I went back on the site to look at other stuff, I realized that the pairs I had been receiving cost like $30+ a pop if bought individually. Like... What? This is like *that* good of a deal? These kind of companies still exist??

And ever since then, I've been a diehard. I have yet to dislike anything they've sent, everything is always super comfortable, I get sooooo many compliments on them, and I tell everybody where I got them. "It's like Loot Crate, but for plugs... and not horrible lol" Literally my only problem with any of this is getting a new pair before I want to take the previous month's; but I always do because I can't help it.

Danielle Dubeau
Gold star

I really like the look of the pink cymophane tunnels. Not super heavy but still look like rose quartz. Very pretty 😍