Instant Organics Collection Pack

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Plugs are randomly selected based on inventory levels.

The Instant Organic Collection Pack helps kickstart your plug assortment. Receive 4 premium organic pairs of plugs. Every pack contains at least 1 stone pair and 1 wood pair, with the rest being randomly selected between stone and wood.

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Trail
Great product

Finally a crate for people with stretched ears. There's everything else why not plugs. The product itself is really good.

Y’all are fantastic!

I have personally been getting my plugs from this company for a few years now and personally have never been disappointed in what I’ve gotten. The last random pair I received was actually to this day still my favorite being because they are purple amethyst plugs!

Joseph Saunders
Great plugs!

The quality is really good and I like the style of most of them. A couple of the surprise ones aren't really my style but that's what happens with a surprise:). I will definitely purchase from y'all again

Jessica Chance

Instant Organics Collection Pack

Jonathan Murray
Got almost everything

I am happy with my purchase. I'm just disappointed that I didn't get the ones I really wanted but they refunded on the one I didn't get