Amazonite Stone plugs for stretched ears

Amazonite Stone Plugs

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Amazonite Stone Plugs: Unearth Your Inner Maverick

Dive into nature's wild palette with our Amazonite Stone Plugs. Carved from the heart of the earth, each piece radiates a minty green hue, capturing the untamed essence of the Amazon rainforest. These aren't just your everyday Amazonite Ear Gauges — they're a bold declaration, a call to embrace the raw and the rugged.

Every glance reveals the intricate patterns and swirls inherent in natural mint green Amazonite Gauges, a testament to nature's unmatched artistry. Crafted for those who tread their own path, our soothing Amazonite Gem Plugs for Stretching are more than just accessories; they're an experience, a journey back to nature's primal embrace.

Quantity: Sold by pair

Materials: Amazonite Stone

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges. 

Customer Reviews

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David Norris

Exactly what I ordered!!!!

Some of the best fitting stone plugs I have ever owned!

Super comfortable, not too thick to where you can lay in them comfortably, looks just like the picture. I will definitely be ordering more stone plugs from you guys! Thank you:)