The Plug Crate Subscription

The Plug Crate Subscription

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All Subscriptions are auto-renewing until canceled. Renewals occur on the first of every month and at regular price if purchased during a sale. Subscriptions ship the week of the 18th of every month. Orders must be placed by the 15th in order to qualify for that month's subscription. Unisex plugs are included in every subscription regardless of style option selected. Pre-Pay subscriptions cannot be purchased using Gift Cards. Please contact support to purchase a one month subscription using a Gift Card.

Experience the original Plug Crate subscription – your monthly surprise of 2 pairs of top-notch mystery plugs or tunnels. Each box offers a chance to unveil exclusive designs only for subscribers. Our commitment: only premium materials like wood, stone, 316L Steel, and glass. No silicone, no acrylic. Simply the best subscription choice for high-quality plugs and tunnels.

Customer Reviews

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anthony martin

Loved the tear drops. Would love to get some other shaped plugs.

Derek Duncan

The Plug Crate Subscription


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Chelsey Page

The Plug Crate Subscription

Joshua Hansen

I absolutely love my plug crate subscription. My wife makes fun of me because of how anticipatory I get when I know the package is coming in the mail. I don't know what it is. It must be because I have no idea what it is, and it's also random, it's like Christmas waiting to see what they send me. They have been very helpful. And have accommodated special requests for my order. If there was anything negative at all, and I wouldn't even say that it was negative, is I would like less Stone plugs. And if I had a smaller size I would probably love them. That's why I say it's not even a negative. Because they are beautiful plugs. It's just when I have such a large size, the stone plugs get real heavy and floppy. But all in all it is so worth it and I appreciate them so much. 10 out of 10 would recommend