Icicle Quartz Plugs - Transparent, Crystal Clear Stone Ear Gauges

Icicle Quartz Plugs

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Embrace the cold with our Icicle Quartz Plugs. Boasting a crystal-clear transparency that mirrors the pristine chill of winter, these gauges are for those who keep their style fresh, clean, and sharp. Wear them and freeze out the mundane.

**Please note - Each pair is unique and exact tones/textures will vary due to the wide-ranging nature of quartz**

Quantity: Sold in pairs

Materials: Quartz

Flare: Double Flare

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

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Derek Duncan
Ordering from here from now on.

I'm 29 and I've had my ears stretched since I was 15. Since high school finding good plugs has been expensive and annoying. Mainly because they all have some imperfection. I got the subscription box and a couple extra pairs. These plugs are amazing. No blemishes and I'm impressed. I used to order through painful pleasures but quality also matters and comparing the two all I've got to say is thank you. Here in town I would've been able to buy one pair compared to 7 pairs. Had to wait until almost 30 but it's nice to have good plugs.

Great Seller, Great Product

I love my new icicle plugs!!! Thank You!!!!


What I received kinda looks like this but I got like the ugly cousin or something because my plugs look way less vibrant as these. Again my quartz like more white than the plug on the far right of this photo. I would have passed if I knew they werent going to look the same.


Boss said my plugs/tunnels needed to be white so I bought these to maintain a little bit of character.

kaitlyn behnke

Icicle Quartz Plugs