The Amethyst Stone

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The Amethyst Stone

The Amethyst Stone

For those who are looking for body jewelry, ear gauges, plugs and tunnels that often has a rich history, the Amethyst stone is one that is being seen a lot. And for good reason! This is a gorgeous stone with that deep purple color, it has long been known as a stone that royalty would wear due to the regal color. Just think, this stone has been associated with history greats like Catherine the Great and Cleopatra.

A few pairs of amtheyst stone gauges

Meaning of the Amethyst

Every stone that is used in jewelry often has a deeper meaning and reason for why it was worn years ago. While we may now be looking for something that is eye catching, the meaning is still hidden in these gems. The Amethyst is meant to be a stone that promotes a calm nature. In addition, it is meant to help a person to think more clearly. It is believed that those who wear this are going to be able to streamline their thought process much easier and focus on the task at hand, helping them to succeed with everything.

In terms of birth month, Amethyst is the birthstone for February, but it is being worn by everyone thanks to the lovely color. There is no reason why you can’t wear this even if you were not born in February.

a pair of amethyst stone plugs

The History Behind the Amethyst

When you look at the history of the Amethyst, you find that it is full of some rich history. The Amethyst got its name from amethystos methysko methyo, which Greek and roughly translates to “not intoxicated”. This name actually came from the fact that many Greeks believe that wearing this stone helped to prevent you from becoming drunk...a very interesting thought.

The color of the stone, the deep purple, had its own meaning in Greek history. They believed that this color was given to the stone from Dionysus, the God of intoxication and celebration. The story that was passed down for centuries states that Dionysus was becoming angry that the citizens were not partaking in his celebrations.

Many Amethyst stone plugs

For this reason, he found a young maiden named Amethyst, who he tried to seduce and entice to celebrate and become intoxicated. Of course, the maiden refused as she was on her way to honor Goddess Diana. Because she refused, Dionysus became angry and sent two tigers to rip her apart. Diana saw this and stepped in and turned Amethyst into a stone. Dionysus saw the error of his ways, crying into his red wine, spilling this onto the stone, turning it into that beautiful purple gem that we know and love.

For those who are looking for unique purple plugs and tunnels for their ears, we have you covered. You will find that amethyst can be worn with just about anything, and it is definitely going to add a dash of color to whatever you are wearing. It is a strong stone that has a significant meaning and history that is interesting, but above all else, it is a beautiful stone.