Antique Steel Floral Filigree Plugs

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Uniquely designed tunnels featuring a vintage sun and moon.

Quantity: Sold by pair

Materials: 316L Stainless Steel / Brass

Size: Available in multiple gauges.

Color: Silver

Customer Reviews

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Becky Loveday
Beautiful plugs

These plugs are gorgeous and I love them, however the front is so heavy and the length of the plug makes them sag forward in my ear which is a bummer. The screwon back doesn't tighten completely either.

Liz Roelofsz
Cute plugs

The free ones were on point, they've turned into my most worn plugs. The ones I actually ordered for work, I wouldn't generally wear them, (but I have to be "professional", bleh) they are cute, but one of them had some paint missing in some areas so I couldnt give 5 stars on this review, that totally disappointed me... Other than that, I feel like they were a good deal.